Inspiration is in everyone.

It sits just below the surface of the small talk we get mired in as we go about the usual business of our day.

The goal of The Bay Makers is to break through that surface and shine a light on the diverse and sometimes quirky cast of characters that makes up our buzzing Bay Area.

From the stories shared here about the volunteers and the big money makers; the innovators and the historians; the educators and the students; the first responders, the healers, and the survivors;  the wise elders and the scrappy up-and-comers, we won’t forget that each of us has a background and a set of skills that serve to make the Bay Area a place that is as vibrant and dynamic as it is geographically blessed.

By being reminded that our neighbors and colleagues are so much more than what meets the eye of a passerby, we can strengthen our sense of community and pride in the place we call home.